Emphasis in original (journal entries)

11 April 2012

It’s time again for another entry from my past journals.

This gem comes to us eight years ago, in April of 2004. I lived in Athens, sold “ladies'” shoes and frequented a tea bar called Infusia (now, sadly, called The Buddha Bar).

I was also just getting out there and playing acoustic guitar and singing covers and my own songs. Apparently, I tried to combine my public music persona with my love for Infusia. Observe. [Note: The song titles you don’t recognize are probably my originals. It really just depends on how many song titles you recognize.]

26 April 2004

I talked to Katie about possibly playing at Infusia. That would be so cool, but I realize I would need some mellow stuff.


List of possible songs:


One more tomorrow

Just friends (It’s so hard to be)

How do you Do-Ken?

Best of my love

Lost cause – Beck

Pink Triangle

The Renee song (Because of you)


All apologies

Vertical Horizon


Roll and fall (For her) – Miranda’s song

2 X 3 = 6 (But you times me is perfect) – Not written yet

Some Beatles song


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