Sucked into music

Over the last few days, I have lost track of time making tracks on my computer.

Most of these tracks were made by combining various loops and other computerized odds and ends.

I have uploaded each one of the tracks on my SoundCloud account. You can go there to listen, comment and download.

You can also find each one individually below:

Enjoy and share.


Music Monday – Green Day

11 June 2011

Today’s Music Monday recommendation is Green Day. Really? Yes.

After American Idiot I was skeptical of anything they were putting out. But it turns out that their next studio album, 21st Century Breakdown, is beautifully epic and high-energy offering. The first five tracks could be an album all their own.

So check out 21st Century Breakdown


Emphasis in original (journal entries)

11 April 2012

It’s time again for another entry from my past journals.

This gem comes to us eight years ago, in April of 2004. I lived in Athens, sold “ladies'” shoes and frequented a tea bar called Infusia (now, sadly, called The Buddha Bar).

I was also just getting out there and playing acoustic guitar and singing covers and my own songs. Apparently, I tried to combine my public music persona with my love for Infusia. Observe. [Note: The song titles you don’t recognize are probably my originals. It really just depends on how many song titles you recognize.]

26 April 2004

I talked to Katie about possibly playing at Infusia. That would be so cool, but I realize I would need some mellow stuff.


List of possible songs:


One more tomorrow

Just friends (It’s so hard to be)

How do you Do-Ken?

Best of my love

Lost cause – Beck

Pink Triangle

The Renee song (Because of you)


All apologies

Vertical Horizon


Roll and fall (For her) – Miranda’s song

2 X 3 = 6 (But you times me is perfect) – Not written yet

Some Beatles song