Other projects

Cone Alone

In 2011, Joseph began publishing his documentation of the utter isolation of traffic cones. After taking photographs, Joseph asked the cones portrayed to write what they were feeling in that moment. The project became Cone Alone. You can keep track of the project on Twitter.

Joey Cougar & The Starfish

Several years ago, two men were born. Then, they became babies and were born again and grew up to be men. And they grew beards. Oh, and they were born on the same day but exactly X years apart (if the value of X is > 2/3Y).

One grew his beard in Minnesota, California and Colorado. The other in Georgia and Colorado. They met in Utah and became Joey Cougar & The Starfish.

Joey Cougar & Kelly Styxxx played their guts out at irregular shows in the heart of the Mormon kingdom. That’s right Brigham Young. This is the place…for echinoderms and felines.

Joey Cougar & The Starfish even launched the In Church at 8, In Jail By Ten tour, a successful tour of Colorado and the midwestern US in the summer following Joey Cougar’s vasectomy. (Not like chasing it, but like, the vasectomy preceded the tour.)

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