Upcoming Show: August 12 in Salt Lake City

Hi all.

Come join The Joseph Richards Show, hosted by me, Joseph Richards, on August 12 at Mestizo Coffee (631 West North Temple) in Salt Lake City.

The show starts at 7:00p and is free (donations are always welcome).

I will work to add new things for those of you who have seen the show before.

See you soon!


2016 Comedy Tour: Show Two

I got back from Colorado this past Wednesday, retrieved my dog from the house of friends, went home, did not unpack and went back to work the next day.

I still find it a bit hard to believe that I was able to perform two comedy shows outside of the state where I currently reside. (And I made money including a generous donation from someone who saw my first show!)

My second show was at the Downtown Artery in Fort Collins. I realized on this tour that my preferred pre-show meal is sushi.


The show at the Artery was a bit more refined for me. I felt in control and moved through the segments just as I wanted to do. That said, I spent most of the morning before the show repeating the mantra, “This is my show, I am in control” and something else that is now lost in the haze of the too-hot shower at the Red Lion (the same Red Lion that had one spot for internet connection and a breakfast area featuring three men speaking way too loudly at one morning).

The crowd consisted of my friends, their children, two young women (one of whom whooped enthusiastically for Bernie Sanders when I mentioned his name) and two older men. I’m pretty sure I insulted either one or both men by (a) fabricating the genesis of nuclear physics and (b) miming a bowling gesture and attributing it to the great state of Wisconsin (home of the wolverines or something, right?).

The Artery is a great venue with lights and a stage and even a sound person. Here is me making up a story as Patrick Harrison.


My partner introduced me, which made me feel like a real comedic performer. She also made a sign for donations.


So here I am now, back in Utah and working almost daily on booking new shows across the country. If you have suggestions for venues, please let me know. We are also working on getting video up as soon as possible for everyone to see.

See you all soon in this new reality in which my name is listed on marquees.



P.S. Thanks to Amy for booking me, Rick and Jeff for helping me set up and Riley for running sound and lights!

2016 Comedy Tour: Marquee Mooning

The rain is nonstop in Fort Collins today. The puddles are plentiful. The umbrella is under siege.

My partner and I duck into Cafe Ardour to get out of the deluge and do a little work.

Cafe Ardour is the quintessential coffee shop. Comfortable chairs. Big tables for working or reading. Plenty of outlets. Large windows for natural light. Soft lighting via lamps on the tables. Warm and rich cappuccinos. Electronica reminiscent of Stereolab. Unassuming baristas.

Across the street is the following.


That’s me. The fool in the rain. If you were wondering, this is the first time my name has been on a marquee. But it won’t be the last.

See you tomorrow, May 17 at 5:30p Fort Collins!


2016 Comedy Tour: The First Show

I am sitting at Cups Coffee in Fort Collins, CO. The chair is comfortable on my bottom. My eyes are heavy. I feel like I’ve been drinking alcohol constantly on an overseas flight that finds me jet lagged in Singapore.

I had the first set of my 2016 comedy tour on Friday night at Wolverine Farm Letterpress & Publick House.


You know you’re starting to live your dream when your name appears in chalk.

The space was exactly what I was hoping. It was full of art, locally-made goods, beer and coffee.

Claire was there in the evening to help us set up for the show. She and my partner arranged the room while I drank tea, ran through my segments and played guitar.

Here is a shot of the room before anyone arrived.


I find great comfort in a lone microphone. I see potential. I see chaos. I see fear. I see excitement. I see my destiny.

The crowd arrived, including some good friends I have not seen in a long time. (It is always too long with good friends.)

I don’t want to give a detailed play-by-play of the show (we will upload video when we find a stable internet connection), but I will say that some moments worked and some moments did not quite work. That is the fun of what I do. I have an idea in my head. Sometimes I am able to translate that idea into words and movements that connect with an audience. Sometimes, I am the tour guide who leads through the dark, mistakenly thinking his match is a flashlight.


The true power and beauty is that the audience will go with me, even through the darkness when I am stumbling and dragging them. We all eventually make it out the other side. We are now one. We have bonded. We have worked, sweat, laughed, groaned and toiled to make something that is uniquely ours. No one can take those moments away. No one can destroy what we’ve built, because it lives inside our heads and hearts (and online videos).

I want to thank the following for facilitating that journey: my partner who is videographer, promoter, manager, confidant, photographer and audience member; Todd, Beth and Claire at Wolverine Farm for allowing me to bring my show to their space and for making me feel welcome; the GoFundMe supporters who believe in me enough to help send me on the road; and, finally, the audience. Thank you for going with me from beginning to end. I hope to see some of you again this Tuesday at the Downtown Artery in Fort Collins, CO at 5:30p.

I leave you with a picture of audience members and I as we demonstrate potentially-inappropriate hand gestures.


Until next time.