National Breast Cancer Awareness Month is October. NBCAM (pronounced neb cam) floods us with pink ribbons and races for the cure. It also overlooks the need for prevention and the harmful chemicals companies use in their products – products that companies then sell to fund a cure for a disease they help cause. Really, NBCAM is more like a NBSCAM.

To learn more about how you can advocate for change and an environment free from toxic chemicals, please visit Breast Cancer Action

Debate and Switch

As you know, the first U.S. presidential debate of 2016 happened on September 26. We tried to write a pop song about it, but an epic debate deserves an epic song. Please enjoy!


*Note from the band: Please understand our usual videographer was sick this week, so we had to do this ourselves. We believe the video reflects just what politics is: rough and messy and sometimes a little too long for our attention spans.