4 October 2012

In DC, I took classes at the DC Improv. In my second class, I met a woman called Bri Lux. She made (and continues to make) the point that her name sounds like the cheese, but IS NOT spelled like the cheese. She clearly has issues.

Nevertheless, we became friends during our time at the Improv and soon realised we were neighbors across the river in Virginia.

On a day like today, I am already missing her company. Fall is in the air. I shivered as I drove to work with the window barely cracked and Kimbra’s Vows pumping through the car’s inadequate speakers. On a day like today, we would text one another and meet up at Fireworks, a pizza joint in Arlington, VA with a dessert consisting of STILL-COOKING, but SLIGHTLY-UNCOOKED cookie dough. We would sit outside and drink beers and eat vegetarian pizzas and discuss work and jokes and relationships.

Then, she does something that makes me miss her even more.

I miss her. I am proud of her. You should follow her on Twitter – @brinotbrie (See, I told you she had issues.)

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