Query as folk

11 October 2011

Blah. Ick!

Hello friends and loves and prepubescent plankton.

As I alluded to at some point (I think), I am spending most of my time at work or traveling for work these days, leaving a small amount of time for other pursuits including writing this here blog.

Consider this a warning that all content up until November 8 will most likely be drivel (more drivelous than usual) and incoherent (more incoherentous than usual).

Let’s play a game:

I’ll give you sets of words and you make a question with those words and leave them in the comments section of this post. I’ll give you an example to get you started:

Example set: hummingbird capture what tapestry jive cellophane Morrissey the avocado

Answer: What jive cellophane tapestry capture the Morrissey avocado hummingbird?

Here we go!

Set 1: Space human tires flail a an if can oxygen Wellington

Set 2: Decaffeinated orange run type kill pumpkin mansion are the flights

Good luck.

2 thoughts on “Query as folk

  1. omg. i meant to make a sentence. But then I read the above concocted one and was at once awestruck and too intimidated to even try. must hide for a while, gather courage, perhaps return.

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