Simon says

10 October 2011

Good evening beautiful friends and sexy loves.

The smell of family recipe cookies wafts (or way-fts for our Swedish readers) through our apartment as I sit almost too tired to move from the couch. I’m paralyzed by early mornings and late nights and a perpetual motion of mental activity.

I am listening to “Graceland” and thinking life is the best thing since sliced bread and one day we all “will be received down in Graceland.” I’m taken by simply knowing “losing love is like a window in your heart. Everybody sees you’re blown apart. Everybody sees the wind blow.”

Today I walked through the park on the way home and stood with the occupants of Occupy DC and realized that life is changing. Old fucks and their ways will die and be washed away and will only be stories nostalgic parents tell their incredulous children.

When dancing at bars and clubs, does anyone go to just dance or must one be on display, dancing to lure and gyrating to capture the attention of “crashing bores”?

Thanks to a friend who is incredibly talented, I had the opportunity to be in a short film that was beautifully shot and ended up winning two awards at the 72 Hour Film Fest.

Life is what it is and it is mine.

As they say, “What a fine day for a parade.”

2 thoughts on “Simon says

  1. your Swedish readers appreciate the mispronounciation.

    on a similar note, “crashing bores” is one of the most delicious expressions of the British language, and I wish I was able to work it into more sentences more often.

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