Heaven can wait

29 September 2011

GF and I walked home in the crisp, fall air today. We went to a farmer’s market and GF used her own money to purchase me a barbecue sandwich. I ate it and she had one, big bite.

GF purchased our first pumpkin of the season. She also purchased bread and pulled off a piece to eat as we descended via escalator into the underground Metrorail station.

We popped out on the other side in Virginia and continued a conversation about how depressing humanity is sometimes.

World-class idiots continue to try to undermine healthcare and pursue some ridiculous personal world view at the expense of humans.

I believe religion has no role in politics and government. Politics, government and leading are about listening to the people you serve. Politics is not about a higher power outside of ourselves. It is not about judgement. It is about serving. Doing the best you can for people on this planet now.

Too many religions denigrate and devalue women and many, many other groups of individuals. To have persons ascribing to these beliefs as policymakers is part of the explanation for policies that undermine women and punish anyone different from well-off heterosexual White men.

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