Heaven can wait

29 September 2011

GF and I walked home in the crisp, fall air today. We went to a farmer’s market and GF used her own money to purchase me a barbecue sandwich. I ate it and she had one, big bite.

GF purchased our first pumpkin of the season. She also purchased bread and pulled off a piece to eat as we descended via escalator into the underground Metrorail station.

We popped out on the other side in Virginia and continued a conversation about how depressing humanity is sometimes.

World-class idiots continue to try to undermine healthcare and pursue some ridiculous personal world view at the expense of humans.

I believe religion has no role in politics and government. Politics, government and leading are about listening to the people you serve. Politics is not about a higher power outside of ourselves. It is not about judgement. It is about serving. Doing the best you can for people on this planet now.

Too many religions denigrate and devalue women and many, many other groups of individuals. To have persons ascribing to these beliefs as policymakers is part of the explanation for policies that undermine women and punish anyone different from well-off heterosexual White men.

Incensed and impotent

5 September 2011

Good evening all.

I have no real claim to being smart or savvy or really much at all. I’m just a regular human who does some things well and some things poorly.

I say so to acknowledge, once again, that what I share tonight is nothing new or groundbreaking.

My friend shared an article titled, “Goodbye to all that: Reflections of a GOP operative who left the cult.” I finally had a chance to sit down and read the piece and found my heart dying a little more.

I believe in humanity. I really do. More than anything. But I also know some people want power and control no matter the cost. (I can’t say I wouldn’t do the same. But I’ll safely judge for now.)

Politics in the United States are no longer a joke. They are a disaster. A constant battle that is destroying our people and our country. (Please read the piece mentioned above for an actual articulate analysis.)

I still don’t get it. Why do we talk about gay marriage and abortion and immigration and birth certificates? Why do we not all somehow make our way to Washington, DC and stand, yell, sleep and sit in the halls of Congress until insane Republicans and feckless Democrats stop fucking with us?

I will buy as many bus tickets as possible for anyone who wants to come out here. That’s all that I know how to do. Fuck petitions and phone calls.

Idiots who protect their own interests need to see us. See us gather and realize that we fucking elected these fucks. They work FOR us.

I don’t know what to do.

I like this country. I like the opportunities we have. I like our people and I like what we bring. But I think our elected officials, especially Republicans, are fucking us over while convincing us that voting for them is in our best interests.

Waiting for heaven won’t matter if we all have to deal with fucking hell while we’re here.

So, I’ll just remain angry and ineffectual, safe in front of my computer screen, agonizing over an overthrow that I can’t even start.