One-person show premiering: Breaking Up With Jesus

My first one-person show, Breaking up with Jesus, is premiering December 9 – 12 as part of the Process Series through the Department of Communication at the University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill.

People can reserve tickets here –—Breaking-Up-With-Jesus

Image description: Performance poster. Burgundy background with the image of a hand-drawn apartment building in the center in white. Arms extend from an open window in the apartment building and toss a suitcase, bottle of wine, glass of wine, loaf of bread, small cross and bible from the window like a romantic comedy break-up scene. At the top of the poster above the apartment image in gold font are the words “The Department of Communication Presents.” Just below that text, in white Old English biblical block font are the words, “Breaking Up With Jesus.” Below the show title, in gold font, is the performer’s information with the words, “By Joseph Richards.” Below the performer information, in gold font are the event details, “December 9th through 12th, Media Arts Space, 108 Franklin Street.” At the bottom of the poster below the apartment image is the show description in white font.” Returning to the South after eight years away, Joey Richards is forced to confront and come to terms with a turbulent ex. In this autobiographical one-person show, Joey reveals the sometimes funny, sometimes heart breaking journey of getting out of a toxic relationship with Jesus Christ.” Below the show description, in yellow text is “Content Warning: Discussions of suicidal thoughts and self harm.” Below the content warning, in gold italic font is the ticket information with the words, “Reserve tickets now!