2016 Comedy Tour: Show Two

I got back from Colorado this past Wednesday, retrieved my dog from the house of friends, went home, did not unpack and went back to work the next day.

I still find it a bit hard to believe that I was able to perform two comedy shows outside of the state where I currently reside. (And I made money including a generous donation from someone who saw my first show!)

My second show was at the Downtown Artery in Fort Collins. I realized on this tour that my preferred pre-show meal is sushi.


The show at the Artery was a bit more refined for me. I felt in control and moved through the segments just as I wanted to do. That said, I spent most of the morning before the show repeating the mantra, “This is my show, I am in control” and something else that is now lost in the haze of the too-hot shower at the Red Lion (the same Red Lion that had one spot for internet connection and a breakfast area featuring three men speaking way too loudly at one morning).

The crowd consisted of my friends, their children, two young women (one of whom whooped enthusiastically for Bernie Sanders when I mentioned his name) and two older men. I’m pretty sure I insulted either one or both men by (a) fabricating the genesis of nuclear physics and (b) miming a bowling gesture and attributing it to the great state of Wisconsin (home of the wolverines or something, right?).

The Artery is a great venue with lights and a stage and even a sound person. Here is me making up a story as Patrick Harrison.


My partner introduced me, which made me feel like a real comedic performer. She also made a sign for donations.


So here I am now, back in Utah and working almost daily on booking new shows across the country. If you have suggestions for venues, please let me know. We are also working on getting video up as soon as possible for everyone to see.

See you all soon in this new reality in which my name is listed on marquees.



P.S. Thanks to Amy for booking me, Rick and Jeff for helping me set up and Riley for running sound and lights!

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