2016 Comedy Tour: Marquee Mooning

The rain is nonstop in Fort Collins today. The puddles are plentiful. The umbrella is under siege.

My partner and I duck into Cafe Ardour to get out of the deluge and do a little work.

Cafe Ardour is the quintessential coffee shop. Comfortable chairs. Big tables for working or reading. Plenty of outlets. Large windows for natural light. Soft lighting via lamps on the tables. Warm and rich cappuccinos. Electronica reminiscent of Stereolab. Unassuming baristas.

Across the street is the following.


That’s me. The fool in the rain. If you were wondering, this is the first time my name has been on a marquee. But it won’t be the last.

See you tomorrow, May 17 at 5:30p Fort Collins!


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