Before sunrise

13 September 2012

I awake at 5:15 am today. GF prepares to go to Snowbird for work and I hitch a ride, currently unable to spend $4.70 for a roundtrip ride on TRAX.

We get in the car and pull out of our building’s parking garage into darkness punctuated with the lights of industry: warehouse exterior lights, streetlights, headlights and taillights, traffic lights. The world is starting its arbitrary shift change from night to day.

I feel completely comfortable. I tolerate the daylight hours everyday, but desperately crave the darkness. The wee hours of the morning or the dark after sundown.

The I-15 is shockingly busy at this time of day. The interstate has a magic sheen from the combination of highway lights, automobile lights and the slowly discernible sunlight. The mountains rest calmly in the background, all purple shadows.

GF drops me off at Bakery and Brews, a coffee shop specializing in South American food. The coffee shop is 1/4 mile from where I work. I am able to purchase a coffee and homemade empanada thanks to a rewards card and the owner allowing me to pay him in nickels and dimes. I want everyone in Murray and Salt Lake City to visit Bakery and Brews at least once to try the homemade soup, clam chowder (on Fridays), empanadas, pastries or sandwiches. You can also purchase nutritional supplements if you desire. I have yet to purchase said items, as you can probably tell when you see my unsightly physique ambling along sidewalks.

The sun is up now and I am trying not to be annoyed with it. Every day I wake up hoping this will be the day when the clouds take over and block the sun for 24 hours.

I will do well in the apocalypse. Unless the apocalypse includes a blood red sun, because I imagine that would be even more annoying.


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