Back in Salt Lake City

10 September 2012

I am listening to Suede by Suede. A TRAX train goes by and the scenery at the Gateway remains the same. Another TRAX train goes by in the opposite direction of the first. I assume the original train realised there would be no passengers aboard and just gave up. I hear you train. Sometimes, you just give up before you get too far.

Yet, with its persistent failures and disappointments life sometimes presents one with pleasantries:

-In Little America, WY, while eating indigestion-causing sandwiches, GF and I spot a “true” cowboy. He walks in wearing a cowboy hat, denim shirt, blue jeans and cowboy boots. He walks to the bar, sits down and says, “I’ll have a large Coke to go.” I nearly fainted with the sudden infusion of seemingly-unforced Americana.

-In Fort Collins, CO, GF and I wake one morning to find two children staring at us. Soon their mom, my friend Elizabeth, falls on the air mattress and hugs me.

-GF and I order a “dynamite lunch” at Suehiro in Fort Collins. The dynamite turns out to be a sushi casserole dish. Delightful. We eat the lunch with friends.

-I have lunch with a former professor who I now consider a colleague and friend. Yet, I am still in awe of her. Probably always will be.

-GF and I decided to leave Fort Collins early, book a Days Inn room in Rawlins, WY and eat food from Burger King while watching Monster In Law. The front desk clerk is called Yaya and all of her fingernails are painted a different color.

-On the drive back to Salt Lake City, GF accepts my musical selection of No Doubt’s Return of Saturn. I just love to bathe in my old musical bathwater. (Forced? Who cares?)

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