Comic Book Dads

17 June 2012

Today is Father’s Day. Did you know that comic book kids also give gifts to their comic book dads? Well, I tweeted what those gifts were this year. In case you missed it (which you would not have if you were following @mentalmacguyver on Twitter), here is the list in its entirety.

Father’s Day 2012 in the world of comics

9:55 am – .@nfcomics @MimiCruzC Do you think Wolverine would be sad if X-23 got him a beard trimmer for #FathersDay?

9:58 am – Cyclops gave Corsair a new Tommy Hilfiger sash. #FathersDay #ComicBookFathers

10:00 am – Ellen and the kids gave Buddy Baker the popular @neontrees single “Animal.” #FathersDay #ComicBookDads

10:01 am – Damian Wayne gave Bruce a new tie – made of kevlar. #FathersDay #ComicBookDads

10:04 am – Loki and Thor got together to give Odin a popular Asgard body spray, Double-Bladed Axe. #FathersDay #ComicBookDads

10:05 am – Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch got together to give Magneto a new computer. He has already erased the hard drive. #FathersDay #ComicBookDads

10:06 am – Cable gave Cyclops a sweet new pair of Ray Bans. #FathersDay #ComicBookDads

10:07 am – Booster Gold gave Rip Hunter a new Timex and a day planner. #FathersDay #ComicBookDads

10:09 am – Blackheart gave Mephisto a copy of The Devil Wears Prada just to be spiteful. #FathersDay #ComicBookDads

10:31 am – Archangel gave Apocalypse the anniversary DVD of Wings and a Paul McCartney solo album. #FathersDay #ComicBookDads

10:33 am – Rose Wilson gave Slade Wilson a golfing video so he can work on his (death)stroke. #FathersDay #ComicBookDads

10:34 am – Connor Hawke gave Oliver Queen a new Bowflex. #FathersDay #ComicBookDads

10:36 am – Aqualad gave Aquaman the latest Phish concert DVD. #FathersDay #ComicBookDads

10:38 am – Franklin and Valeria Richards gave Reed Richards a back scrubber so he could get hard-to-reach places. They tried. #FathersDay #ComicBookDads

10:50 am – Harry Osborn just left a tasteful pumpkin on Norman’s grave. #FathersDay #ComicBookDads

10:51 am – Wonder Woman went about her business as usual. #FathersDay #ComicBookDads

10:53 am – Thank you for tuning into our special #FathersDay #ComicBookDads tweets.

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