Comic Book Dads

17 June 2012

Today is Father’s Day. Did you know that comic book kids also give gifts to their comic book dads? Well, I tweeted what those gifts were this year. In case you missed it (which you would not have if you were following @mentalmacguyver on Twitter), here is the list in its entirety.

Father’s Day 2012 in the world of comics

9:55 am – .@nfcomics @MimiCruzC Do you think Wolverine would be sad if X-23 got him a beard trimmer for #FathersDay?

9:58 am – Cyclops gave Corsair a new Tommy Hilfiger sash. #FathersDay #ComicBookFathers

10:00 am – Ellen and the kids gave Buddy Baker the popular @neontrees single “Animal.” #FathersDay #ComicBookDads

10:01 am – Damian Wayne gave Bruce a new tie – made of kevlar. #FathersDay #ComicBookDads

10:04 am – Loki and Thor got together to give Odin a popular Asgard body spray, Double-Bladed Axe. #FathersDay #ComicBookDads

10:05 am – Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch got together to give Magneto a new computer. He has already erased the hard drive. #FathersDay #ComicBookDads

10:06 am – Cable gave Cyclops a sweet new pair of Ray Bans. #FathersDay #ComicBookDads

10:07 am – Booster Gold gave Rip Hunter a new Timex and a day planner. #FathersDay #ComicBookDads

10:09 am – Blackheart gave Mephisto a copy of The Devil Wears Prada just to be spiteful. #FathersDay #ComicBookDads

10:31 am – Archangel gave Apocalypse the anniversary DVD of Wings and a Paul McCartney solo album. #FathersDay #ComicBookDads

10:33 am – Rose Wilson gave Slade Wilson a golfing video so he can work on his (death)stroke. #FathersDay #ComicBookDads

10:34 am – Connor Hawke gave Oliver Queen a new Bowflex. #FathersDay #ComicBookDads

10:36 am – Aqualad gave Aquaman the latest Phish concert DVD. #FathersDay #ComicBookDads

10:38 am – Franklin and Valeria Richards gave Reed Richards a back scrubber so he could get hard-to-reach places. They tried. #FathersDay #ComicBookDads

10:50 am – Harry Osborn just left a tasteful pumpkin on Norman’s grave. #FathersDay #ComicBookDads

10:51 am – Wonder Woman went about her business as usual. #FathersDay #ComicBookDads

10:53 am – Thank you for tuning into our special #FathersDay #ComicBookDads tweets.

Latte digs

16 August 2011

I had a latte today.

For readers not familiar with lattes*, they (the lattes, not the readers, although I don’t mean to make assumptions) are whipped, heated cow pus, caramel, two heavily beaten coffee beans and two scoops of sour cream. Yum.

I drank the beverage and felt like I had eaten fifteen bags of jellybeans inside twenty doughnuts. (I think the jellybeans were in the doughnuts. I was not.)

I sank into bloated depression.

Then the two coffee beans kicked in and I felt good.

So GF and I walked home. On Metro, nothing exciting occurred as far as I could tell. GF said one ginger-domed dude was being a grade-A hole to another passenger who may have been:

A. His sister

B. His friend

C. His cousin

D. His girlfriend

E. His mother

F. His holographic projection of insecurity

G. Fab Morvan (yes, that Fab Morvan)

Will the mystery ever be solved?

Earlier this week, the post held my final stack of comic books from Night Flight Comics. DC Comics is restarting their comics by issuing 52 #1 titles (the titles are literally numbered “one”). I don’t agree with the choice. I think some of the ideas look great, but restarting some of the series annoys me as a longtime reader (first time caller).

I just reread what I wrote and am too bored by it to continue my thoughts.

Stay tuned for tomorrow’s brand new Cone Alone.


*For my Southern audience