Look before you leap day

29 February 2012: DC Exile Day 36

Happy Leap Day all you friends and enemies and neutral third parties.

I wanted to let you know not to expect a regular post on this blog for a few days or so. Yesterday, I sat down with GF’s dad and realized I need to actually get my shit together for tax season. In addition to tax filings, I want to work on a couple of other writing projects.

Don’t fret because I will leave you in good hands. Tomorrow will see a brand new Cone Alone post. (Are you following them on Twitter or Facebook yet?) We will continue to post every Tuesday and Thursday, probably until I manage to find myself gainfully employed again.

Additionally, next week brings a brand new episode of The Joseph Richards Show. (You can also follow the show on Twitter.) It looks like I’ll probably be ranting talking about abortion rights, religion and Cone Alone. Should be fun.

So you see? Nothing to worry about. You’ll still have plenty me to keep you occupied. As an added bonus, I leave you with a compilation of today’s tweets celebrating Leap Day.




February 29 is a wonderful day. We gain three hours of sleep, we buy birthday presents for friends we forgot about and we even get a chance to make jokes about the day.

From my Twitter moniker (@mentalmacguyver) I slung several silly sayings about the day. Here you are.

(Note: All times are Mountain Standard Time)

9:47 AM – Today in history: Enterprising rabbits post hare-raising spy secrets online after founding WikiLeaps. #LeapYear #LeapDay

9:37 AM – This day in history: Epidemiologists insert tadpole DNA into humans, thereby staving off an outbreak of Leapatitis B. #LeapYear

9:32 AM – Today in history: Scientists baffle nature by creating the Leaping Willow tree – one part frog, one part tree and one part @WarwickADavis

9:07 AM – This day in history: Clumsy toad falls off lily pad. Dubbed ‘unluckiest amphibian’ by Leaple Magazine. #LeapYear

9:02 AM – On this day in history: ‘That’s one small step for man. One giant leap for Frog-Man.’ – Neil Armweak after landing in an unspecified marsh.

8:38 AM – I realize that, for some of you, my leap year celebration took place before 9 a.m. Well, celebrity commemorations wait for no one.

8:34 AM – I hope you enjoyed my commemorative celebration of celebrities born on this leap day. #LeapYear

8:33 AM – Born on this day: Oleapya Dukakis #LeapYear

8:32 AM – Born on this day: Leap Erickson AND Leap Garrett (double trouble) #LeapYear

8:30 AM – Born on this day: Leapsa Loeb #LeapYear

8:30 AM – Born on this day: Leap Meriwether #LeapYear

8:30 AM – Born on this day: Muhammad Aleap #LeapYear

8:29 AM – Born on this day: Aleapia Silverstone #LeapYear

8:29 AM – Born on this day: Leapam Neeson #LeapYear

8:28 AM – Today is a special leap year day. I’ll commemorate by celebrating celebrities born on this day. #LeapYear

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