Quick Review Friday

27 April 2012

A semi-regular item on my Twitter feed is Quick Review Friday. It’s a terse way for me to promote what I like at the moment. In case you missed today’s reviews, here they are.

12:00 PM – Attention! It’s time for that semi-regular hit Friday classic, Quick Review Friday. This week covers rap, TV and college radio. #QuickReviewFriday

12:01 PM – .@KelleeMaize’s album Integration – Powerful. Honest. Strong. Life-affirming. Positive. Patriarchy bashing. #QuickReviewFriday

12:02 PM – You can find @KelleeMaize’s Integration album at http://bit.ly/Iusw0G And be sure to Like her on Facebook http://on.fb.me/JIFOx7

12:03 PM – I’ll have a longer review of @KelleeMaize’s album on my #CringinglyPersonal blog sometime next week. Now, on with #QuickReviewFriday

12:05 PM – Sci-fi show, @Weird_Girls – I don’t know much about it yet, but it looks like putting fun in a box. Then opening that box. #QuickReviewFriday

12:06 PM – You can learn more about the developing series and follow its progression here http://bit.ly/JE4d6e @Weird_Girls

12:07 PM – Time for our final #QuickReviewFriday piece for this week.

12:08 PM – Vastly knowledgeable & dry-humored host @higginsr brings great music & interviews to college radio on #BeautySuffers #QuickReviewFriday

12:09 PM – Sadly, #BeautySuffers only has two more episodes 5/2 & 5/16 from 4-6pm EDT Be sure to Like them on Facebook http://on.fb.me/Id0tpk

12:10 PM – That does it for this week’s #QuickReviewFriday Need more info on the reviews or have suggestions for future reviews? Just let me know.

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101 Followers Contest

26 April 2012

If you follow my main Twitter profile, then you will know I promised that if I reached 101 followers I would give away a personal item and a special gift.

Last night, I reached 101 followers. I’ve already discussed the contest on Twitter, but here, for your convenience, are the rules for the 101 Followers Contest.

Personal Item

To win a personal item used by yours truly, simply tweet your favorite tweet of mine. Yes, I’m slightly narcissistic. In fact, I can never do cocaine because I get distracted by my reflection. Be sure to use the hashtag #101Followers

Example tweet: “Just learned the Utah Jazz made it into the 2012 #NBAPlayoffs How many teams went bankrupt and ceased to exist this year?” #101Followers

Or, if you can’t fit in the #101Followers hashtag, just retweet your favorite tweet of mine. All tweets retweeted today will count for the contest.

Special Gift

To win the special gift, tweet at or direct message me with whatever you want to say. Anything interesting, or funny or evil or rude or whatever. Be sure to use the hashtag #101Followers

Example tweet: .@mentalmacguyver I think you smell like the finest silk mixed with residual, burning carbonite. #101Followers


The contest will end at midnight (Mountain Time), at which time I will pick a winner in each category. I will announce the winners this Friday (tomorrow) and work on getting your prizes to you.

Any questions? Just comment here, talk to me on Twitter or email me – josephpatrickrichards (at) gmail (dot) com

Thanks for everything and good luck!


Starved for attention

23 March 2012

Earlier today, I used Twitter to share my desire not to see the film version of The Hunger Games. In case you missed it, here are the tweets in their entirety.

[Begin transmission]

11: 00 AM – To say I enjoyed the #HungerGames novels is an extreme understatement. I read all three in two days.

11:01 AM – However, I will not be going to see the movie version of @TheHungerGames

11:02 AM – So, please enjoy my series of things I will be doing while not watching the #HungerGames

11:03 AM – 1. Listening to Dance Hall Crashers while drinking a Mountain Dew – not watching the #HungerGames

11:04 AM – 2. Walking through Ogden, UT and looking at Mormons on lawns – not watching the #HungerGames

11:05 AM – 3. Watching The Page Master on VHS – not watching the #HungerGames

11:06 AM – 4. Playing Jenga with some friends who are cool – not watching the #HungerGames

11:07 AM – 5. Interviewing disenfranchised Cheetahs unable to vote in latest feline recall elections – not watching the #HungerGames

11:08 AM – 6. Doing my homework so I can be caught up on the contributions of Neils Bohr – not watching the #HungerGames

11:09 AM – 7. Checking which oven setting is optimal for cooking a Toaster Strudel, starting at 100 – not watching the #HungerGames

11:10 AM – Thus endeth the list of things I will be doing instead of seeing the movie version of the #HungerGames

[End transmission]

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Look before you leap day

29 February 2012: DC Exile Day 36

Happy Leap Day all you friends and enemies and neutral third parties.

I wanted to let you know not to expect a regular post on this blog for a few days or so. Yesterday, I sat down with GF’s dad and realized I need to actually get my shit together for tax season. In addition to tax filings, I want to work on a couple of other writing projects.

Don’t fret because I will leave you in good hands. Tomorrow will see a brand new Cone Alone post. (Are you following them on Twitter or Facebook yet?) We will continue to post every Tuesday and Thursday, probably until I manage to find myself gainfully employed again.

Additionally, next week brings a brand new episode of The Joseph Richards Show. (You can also follow the show on Twitter.) It looks like I’ll probably be ranting talking about abortion rights, religion and Cone Alone. Should be fun.

So you see? Nothing to worry about. You’ll still have plenty me to keep you occupied. As an added bonus, I leave you with a compilation of today’s tweets celebrating Leap Day.




February 29 is a wonderful day. We gain three hours of sleep, we buy birthday presents for friends we forgot about and we even get a chance to make jokes about the day.

From my Twitter moniker (@mentalmacguyver) I slung several silly sayings about the day. Here you are.

(Note: All times are Mountain Standard Time)

9:47 AM – Today in history: Enterprising rabbits post hare-raising spy secrets online after founding WikiLeaps. #LeapYear #LeapDay

9:37 AM – This day in history: Epidemiologists insert tadpole DNA into humans, thereby staving off an outbreak of Leapatitis B. #LeapYear

9:32 AM – Today in history: Scientists baffle nature by creating the Leaping Willow tree – one part frog, one part tree and one part @WarwickADavis

9:07 AM – This day in history: Clumsy toad falls off lily pad. Dubbed ‘unluckiest amphibian’ by Leaple Magazine. #LeapYear

9:02 AM – On this day in history: ‘That’s one small step for man. One giant leap for Frog-Man.’ – Neil Armweak after landing in an unspecified marsh.

8:38 AM – I realize that, for some of you, my leap year celebration took place before 9 a.m. Well, celebrity commemorations wait for no one.

8:34 AM – I hope you enjoyed my commemorative celebration of celebrities born on this leap day. #LeapYear

8:33 AM – Born on this day: Oleapya Dukakis #LeapYear

8:32 AM – Born on this day: Leap Erickson AND Leap Garrett (double trouble) #LeapYear

8:30 AM – Born on this day: Leapsa Loeb #LeapYear

8:30 AM – Born on this day: Leap Meriwether #LeapYear

8:30 AM – Born on this day: Muhammad Aleap #LeapYear

8:29 AM – Born on this day: Aleapia Silverstone #LeapYear

8:29 AM – Born on this day: Leapam Neeson #LeapYear

8:28 AM – Today is a special leap year day. I’ll commemorate by celebrating celebrities born on this day. #LeapYear

I don’t really ‘Like’ this

27 February 2012: DC Exile Day 34

What do an occasional spelunker and I have in common?

We both sometimes cave.

Nearly two weeks ago, I departed from Facebook, tired of the social networking platform. Since then, several friends have shared their difficulty in keeping up with my Cone Alone project without the easy reminder of Facebook.

I believe in Cone Alone and want people to find it. Therefore, as I usually end up doing in my life following my habit of extreme pendulum swings, I find myself working toward the moderate compromise again.

Therefore, by popular demand, you can now follow Cone Alone on Facebook by liking the Cone Alone page. (You can also still follow @ConeAlone on Twitter.)

Because I enjoy contests, the first person to “Like” the page on Facebook will win an autographed Cone Alone picture. Exciting!

I have not rejoined Facebook as Joseph Patrick Richards. Instead, I adopted an alternate appellation I created many years ago. No, I will not tell you what it is. Yes, you can probably figure it out at some point.