After an apogee, an apology

25 August 2011

As I do with many sentences and conversations, allow me to begin with an apology.

I know several of you were huddled around your computer or blog-ready phone to receive a post from me last night. I know some of you were out there in the lonely world, waiting for an electronic missive from my fingers to your heart. I know most of you waited, and realized, as the clock struck midnight (ET), all hope of word from your beloved was dashed like waves on the Cliffs of Dover.

Again, I apologize.

While the glow of your computer lit your frown, making it seem that much more depressing, I was performing improv with several funny people (all more humorous than I, you see) at the DC Improv as part of the DC Improv Comedy School Cast.

Still, I should have written.

After the earthquake and after digesting the misery of a drunk and cowardly Cone Alone, I should have known you would need a bit more comfort. A bit more guidance. Actually, I know you just needed a friendly word.

I apologize one more time. I know I let my life get in the way of our electronic, anonymous life together.

Please forgive me.

If you forgive me, I promise to post video (ACTUAL FOOTAGE) from last night’s performance.

Will that do it? Will that make up for my error?

If my penance seems paltry and does not please you, I will proffer personal puns just for you at your request. I will post these puns directly to your Facebook account if you desire, so all the world can see you are loved and your name is a joke.

Maybe though, “that joke isn’t funny anymore.”

3 thoughts on “After an apogee, an apology

  1. Forgot to tell you to break a leg, or whatever they say to comedians. Hope it went well. Patiently waiting for pictures or videos.

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