Introvert, extrovert or advert?

14 August 2011

Today has been less precipitous than I hoped. The rain stopped too quickly for me.

I feel antsy. GF and I are sitting in the apartment watching The Parent Trap, the remake with Lindsay Lohan. I have letters I wish to write and things in the apartment I wish to move. Yet, I find myself unable to stop allowing the government and advertisers to track me through the television. I must watch. I must talk about my life so advertisers can beam the perfect commercials and movies into my television set so I can feel a strange sort of master plan serendipity (and yes, that movie was on television earlier) that does not exist when I see a commercial for ice cream cakes (“I was just craving one!”) or when the original Planet of the Apes is on (“I was just wanting to see that!”).

I don’t understand why anyone owns a car. No no, this is not some ridiculous argument about the environment (who needs it anyway?) or carbon feetprint (or tire tracks) or gas prices or wars or anything. I just don’t understand how anyone who ever watched a car commercial would ever want to buy a car. When I watch a car commercial, I can only think, “I am really glad I don’t have a car because these commercials are insane. Although a car would be a quick way to get to the volleyball game on a glacier I have later today. That reminds me, I’d better pick up some Coors Light before I catch the train.”

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