The more you ignore me, the more websites I get

13 August 2011

Last September, I decided to start a monthly podcast called The Joseph Richards Show. At first, I was writing each episode. About halfway through, I decided to just improvise. I have no idea if the show is better, worse or the same. Only my producer, Tamara, knows. (I’ll have to tell you about Tamara one day.)

Over the last few months, I considered ending the podcast until I could find a website to house it. The site I was using, Podbean, only allowed a certain amount of space and I hit my limit (just under a year into the project).

Fortunately, I found a place to house the show and today, 13 August 2011, I launched

Now you can listen to all 10 current episodes of the show and stay tuned for more, including our one-year episode. You can also learn a bit more about me, because you want to, hear music from Joey Cougar & The Starfish and check out some photos. But you cannot currently find recipes there.

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