Vending vedi vici

2 August 2011

Today at work a co-worker went to the vending machine in the break room. Her packet of Peanut M&Ms got hooked on the plastic dispensing spiral. Immediately she exclaims and begins banging into the machine with her hips, making the internal machine light flicker with each blow, shaking the machine from side with reckless abandon.

I eventually purchased the next packet of Peanut M&Ms and we were both happy.

The other night GF asked me to name my favorite color. So I named it Kendra. Then, I realized I don’t really have a favorite color. At various points in my life my answers included orange (really?), blue and green. All boring choices. I have no favorite color.

If babies starting being born with rockets as feet I wonder if that would cripple the sock and shoe industry.

If I had to eat a potato every night of the week prepared in the same way every night I would like that potato to be ______________________. What would you pick?

I would want the potato to be a baked potato.

I do love potato chips though.


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