Picture my trip to the DMV

27 July 2011

Today I took one more step to becoming an official denizen of Old Dominion.

I awoke with GF early in the morning to take Metro down to the Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles (Alexandria branch).

I got off at the Eisenhower stop on the Yellow Line, which is further than I have ever been before  on that line.

Please enjoy these pictures of my adventure today.

Taking a fence to the Masonic tower

Telegraph Road through the fence

Walking up the bridge over Telegraph Road

A human walks where I just walked.


DMV ahead. No parking?


DMV sign. Motorist portrait in my future.


On the King Street platform after DMV.


The Masonic Tower looms above King Street.


So there you have it. Soon I will have a Virginia driver’s license, even though I was enraged at having to bring a birth certificate with me.

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