Exorcise ball

26 July 2011

GF’s younger brother, AJ, visited us a couple of weeks ago. GF asked that he bring some of the items from Ogden she missed. One of these items was her exercise ball.

If you read this blog and know me, then you know how exercise-conscious I am. In the last year alone, I managed to perform a total of 200 crunches and 24 push-ups. I am fitness.

Even with my keenness for cardio, I am currently uncomfortable.

You see, I am sure GF’s exercise ball is trying to kill me.

After pumping the ball to life like an attractive Dr. Frankenstein, GF placed the alleviative accoutrement in our bedroom.

The ball creeps.

Every morning I see the demon device has crept ever closer to my side of our mattress.

The ball lurks.

I am convinced the possessed possession is going to eventually roll over me in the middle of the night and entrap me as if I were a victim in The Blob.

My view of terror

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