Travel day

21 March 2013

The Hippo and I are preparing a trip out of town so she can attend a conference. 

We walked outside before 7:00 am so she could catch a bus to work for a few hours. We both stopped as soon as we walked out of apartment door. It took about 10 seconds for us to realize snow was on the ground and falling heavily from the sky (of all places). We are going to Arizona and I swear Utah is fucking with us and telling us not to return. 

Soon, Enterprise will pick me up, which is what they do. I hope they bring the car wrapped in brown paper. I remember a specific sense of pride watching those Enterprise commercials when I finally discovered there was no paper over the front windshield! I had discovered the illusion.

But I still want the car.

See you in Arizona.

Pizza my mind

18 August 2011

Last night I bought a miniature frozen pizza. Today I ate it. It was horrible.

Someone recommended I purchase good frozen pizza.

If I’m going to get frozen pizza, I want it to taste terrible. I have no illusions. If I want real pizza, I’ll get real pizza. Frozen pizza should make me hate myself more than I normally do. I should regret each bite as I angrily and incessantly chew it down until it is just moist doughy mush in my mouth.

Here is a picture of a simple meal I enjoyed at a restaurant in OgdenLayton, UT.

I always order from the senior menu