Bring an umbrella

I walk through the curtain of another year.

I sit and listen to Reflektor and find apposite poignancy.

Just before the curtain, I experienced the all-too-common occurrence of fear and rejection. A certain type of person, a certain group of persons, almost always operate in a mode of oppression and insecure narcissism. Those persons have honed a homing system that targets innovation and inquiry. Those persons cannot handle interrogatives and change. They feel stupid and see the weakness of their arguments in your inquisitiveness. Instead of letting go and drifting in the currents of wisdom and growth, they build dams of ignorance to stop the flow. They fear an unceasing tide of knowledge may erode ignorance and the old ways. So they buttress their own conservative quotidian tedium with these barricades of naysaying and imputations.

I found my own current blocked just days before balls dropped across the world. I raged and raged and saw the barrier more adamant than before. It would not crack before my force. This was a barrier erected prior to my existence and one that only the slower more patient river of time would destroy. So my stream of passion diverted into the darkened and potential-filled ocean of the New Year. I joined the new current smoothly, the deluge of spirits making easier this flow over ephemeral obstacles.

I know I will find more narrow straits, more dams, more dam builders (and dam fools) and other unforeseen blockades along the way. But I will not be resisted. I will rage when I need to rage. And I will trickle and flow steadily and assured of my purpose when necessary.

You might want to bring an umbrella.


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