Why not give up?

Are We Really Over Now?

Maybe I Can Change Your Mind

Darlin’ Soon As You Walk Out My Door

I’m Gonna Call A Hundred Times


You share moments with a person. They may be many moments or mini moments or not too many moments. This person says, at some point, “I reject who you are for me. I no longer accept your presence or perspective in my life. Please go away as I will gladly be doing the same.”

You then decide that the rejection simply cannot be. Perhaps you can convince this person who has clearly, plainly and honestly stated that they can no longer stand your essence that you should still be two humans united in a human unit.

You are rejected. You are tossed aside. You want to stick it out. We are told to persevere and love isn’t easy. We are told to fight for the things we love. How should you respond when someone wants to be rid of you? Should you try to convince them otherwise? Or should you hurt, accept and move on? Or should you do something not listed above?

Thoughts brought forth driving I-215 and listening to Paramore’s new self-titled album.


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