21 July 2012

After an all-too-common shooting in our country, I feel the need to weigh in on how we can prevent mass murders in future.

There should be no guns or mass murder weapons. No one at all anywhere in the world should be able to have access to or build a gun.

Guns serve absolutely no purpose in this world besides ending life. As a proto-civilized society of humans, we will only develop further by disallowing any thing in our midst with the sole purpose of murder.

Conceal and carry permits frighten me to no end. I think that a person must have something a little bit off if they want to carry a gun on their person at all time. I don’t want to think about the person next to me at work, at school, at the state capitol, at a restaurant or anywhere with a live weapon tucked beneath their short-sleeve dress shirt (that one may be Utah specific).

The 2nd Amendment is an outdated code from a different time. We should take a hard, honest look at ourselves as a people and consider what it says about us that we would continue to codify the right to stockpile the ability to murder multitudes of our own while being unable to codify even the most basic human rights guarantees for minority groups, women and lower- and middle-income workers.

We’ve got it wrong. Give up your guns.


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