Music Monday – Eleven:Eleven

28 May 2012

Good day everyone.

Every now and again, I’ll do my best to let you know what I’m listening to that I think you’ll enjoy. No promises on how often I’ll do this, but I’ll aim for Mondays so I can call this segment “Music Monday.” Clever.

These segments will not be too long, but will put a bug in your ear for music you may not have heard yet (or may have and just needed to remember). Occasionally, I will include other artists to look up if you like the recommendation.

Let us begin.

If you’re looking for some good electronica with enjoyable beats, catchy synths and alluring vocals, I recommend Eleven:Eleven. I enjoy listening to them while drinking black French roast coffee and writing. Who knows what you’ll do while enjoying them.

You can download some of their songs for free on SoundCloud. See links below for more information.

Bonus recommendations: If you enjoy Eleven:Eleven, I also encourage you to check out Hands by Little Boots and Sound Kapital by Handsome Furs (unfortunately, as of 17 May 2012, Handsome Furs are disbanded).


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