Cone Current Popularity

16 February 2012: DC Exile Day 23

As you may have read, I left Facebook yesterday and am already seeing one effect of departing from such an integral (yes, I said integral) part of our daily lives.

On Tuesday of this week, I returned with a new post of Cone Alone, my traffic cone-based art project. That day, I posted the link on Facebook and ended up having the highest-traffic day in the site’s existence with 73 views. Today, I uploaded another new Cone Alone post. I shared the post via Twitter and this blog. So far, the site has had no views.

Do I mind? Only slightly. While the blog is meant for persons who enjoy it, it is primarily a way for me to have fun and do something I enjoy. Yes, I do hope individuals will read it and enjoy it and share it. I have fun with it regardless.

That said, I do have a simple goal. I want one famous person on my list to mention the Cone Alone blog in some shape or fashion (even to say they absolutely detest it and would rather hear about the risks of rumble strips than pay heed to the plight of pylons). My list includes Hank Green, John Green, Ellen Degeneres, Jena FriedmanKristen Bell, Josh Robert Thompson, Mo Rocca and Amanda Hess.

I also want to thank all of you who show support for Cone Alone and like the spot. I’ll keep you updated on Operation: Cone Alone Fame. (Please help me come up with a better title.)

3 thoughts on “Cone Current Popularity

  1. I usually read through your posts via email or Google reader and I know that doing so doesn’t track page views. So, no more! While I will still utilize them (email, reader) for notification purposes, but I will forthwith read all content you post on its proper website. This same phenomenon caused some problems in a class last year where class participation was gauged, in part, by views that the class blog received. Anyway. Cone Alone!!!

    p.s. I think “Operation: Pylon the Support” sounds pretty nice. Let me know what you think!


  2. Adam. No need to change your reading happens because of my insecurities. You do bring up a good point. One I had not considered due to the aforementioned insecurities and my lack of expertise with how technology works. And currently, Operation: Pylon the Support” is in the lead for best suggestion. And not just because it is the only one.

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