My hair reflects my mood

18 September 2011

Happy night time beautiful friendlies.

I have participated in a conference during the past two days. I am exhausted.

This morning, my brain was being hard on myself. It kept telling me I am talentless and unskilled and every decision I make is wrong. Sometimes, my brain forgets it went to college (university for our readers in the United Kingdom and elsewhere) and then graduate school and has made some smart decisions (like asking GF on a date and creating Cone Alone).

I sometimes have moments where I feel every step is a misstep. I sometimes feel every syllable I could ever utter is immeasurably wrong. I sometimes feel I am unacceptable company for anyone and everyone.

I know these moments pass, but they exist.

I don’t think it helped that my hair looked like this earlier this morning.

My hair is here.

My hair has not changed.

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