Scribbles and bits

20 August 2011

It is technically the 21st. I know this fact. I do not mind.

At approximately 8:30 PM I used the coffee maker to brew a pot of coffee. I then drank four cups with the intention of staying up, listening to music through my headphones and writing a bit.

And, so here I am.

I just signed up to take the GRE in September. As soon as the purchase order went through (at the discounted rate of $80 as opposed to $160) I almost began banging my skinny fists on my table/desk in pure exhilaration.

At the end of earning my Master of Arts, I was convinced I would never want to return to school. Yet, events over the past six years continue to pull my heart in the scholastic direction.

So, at some point in the next two years, I will attend graduate school again, with the hopes of trying my hand (and fingers) at creative writing.

I don’t consider myself a top-notch writer, nor do I even believe I have something clever or original to say. I just like saying stuff.

I read the writing of my friends JP and MP and GF and I think they are so strong and unique and interesting. They continually feed my passion for words and language.

Writing for me is a tactile experience (as is making music). Fingers on keyboard, pen in hand and on paper. Writing feels right.

2 thoughts on “Scribbles and bits

  1. It can be a nightmare. I remember well the pains of finishing my thesis in graduate school and even the daily pains of trying to keep up with a daily blog. It hurts sometimes and some of it is crap. But hey, even crap makes mushrooms grow.

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