Video killed blah blah blah

Yesterday, (the day one made-up deity apparently had to rest even though said deity claims omnipotence) The Hippo and I reconnected to the world of television.

I called to set up the cable box and reached an automated service. The soothing, female-sounding robot voice told me to hang on as she sent a signal to our box. Immediately after she made this proclamation I heard an electronic sound similar to when the workers pull the levers prior to the Death Star firing on Alderaan. 

Our box was activated and we again got one step closer to living in complete surveillance. And, there was, of course, a great disturbance in the Force.

To celebrate, we watched Wizards of Waverly Place and the latest episode of Once Upon A TimeWithin fifteen seconds our brains had turned to mush and I began praising commercials for being “genius” and “edgy” and “full of cars.”