You can’t have a breakfast scone without Cone

4 August 2011

Morning is often a time for waking up, being incredibly irritable, listening to prattling news anchors ejaculating confusing drivel quickly alternating from depressing to shallow (“This just in, 148 people are dead in a riot in Iowa. Rioters were demanding the Republican party stop harming people in the US with quote insane fiscal and social policies end quote. Next up, who is designing Kim Kardashian’s shoelaces for her walk to get groceries the morning after the wedding?”) and eat some sort of sugary breakfast either with the aid of milk or the assistance of a toasting device.

Well now your morning just got a bit better this week.

If you haven’t done so already, be sure to check out the Cone Alone series, a photography project in which real traffic cones, pylons, speak out what they were thinking and feeling during the photographs.

Here is what the critics have to say about Cone Alone:

“What was that?” -Tim Halstead, Daily Helium

“Which one of us were you talking to?” -Debra Talmud, Weekly Pop Magazine

“I can’t believe Kim’s shoelaces are actual jade! How will she tie them?” -Reginald Pollitt, New York Times

Don’t believe the critics? (I wouldn’t either.) See for yourself. And be sure to subscribe to get each week’s posts of Cones at work, at play, at rest, at hominem and more!