Over here? No! Overhear.

2 September 2011

Good Labor Day weekend friends, lovers, family and three-toed sloths.

Today, GF and I travelled to Baltimore, a city in complete disarray apparently due to two sporting events.

Thus, I am too exhausted to write about that trip at the moment.

So, tonight’s post is brought to you by my illegitimate son, Little J.P. Richards. One day, he was in a coffee shop when he overheard some women speaking. (Yes, he is old enough to go to coffee shops.)

Little J.P. overhears a supportive moment



When sheet hits the fan

29 August 2011

Hello again lovers and friends and family (and technologically-savvy cones).

Before I get to the meat (or other form of protein for your meatless diet) of tonight’s post, let me just say I was pleased to receive a package today. I ordered this package from Amazon (the online one, not the one I am probably killing by ordering packages). This package contained three compact discs and one seasoning. In order of appearance.

Two Door Cinema Club – Tourist History

The Books – The Way Out

Fountains of Wayne – Sky Full of Holes

Shichimi Togarashi spice

And now…

Here is another clip from the DC Improv Comedy School Cast show at the DC Improv on 24 August 2011. This game is called “Slo Mo.” Stay tuned after the video for a fun contest!

Video Contest

Hello friends! How about a sweet video contest? Find the one thing I forgot* in the above video and email me at oapowerbattery@gmail.com I will choose one correct answerer at random to win a parcel from me!

Deadline is whenever I remember the contest is happening, but most definitely after Labor Day.

*Yeah yeah. I’m sure I forgot more than one thing. Yuck it up jackass.