Speaking up appearances

23 July 2011

Today was one of those lazy days that make you feel bored as a kid and lazy as an adult. However, I feel neither.

GF and I awoke at 11 AM, which is sleeping in late for us. Another human recently told GF that snoozing does not count as sleeping late unless you wake up in a PM time. Our youth will lead us forward.

We wound up on the couch watching Tabatha’s Salon Takeover, a salon makeover show in which the titular hard-nosed Aussie literally made over a salon and its staff.

I heard straight, adult men are not supposed to like show’s on Bravo, but I quite enjoyed this show. In my time of sluggish stupor on the sofa, I considered why.

The primary appeal of this show, and others like it, for me is that I am a passive-agressive human who finds it quite difficult to speak up and tell someone right out that I dislike something. Attribute it to genes, Southern upbringing or my constant intake of British television in which beating around the bush was the primary mode of speech. So, Tabatha allows me to feel I spent my time speaking those scared thoughts of straightforwardness. Yet, I know this is just another delusion.


Me- I had such a great time standing up for myself today. I really took no nonsense and just told it like it is.

GF- Really? That’s great.

Me- Oh, wait a minute. Actually, I just watched three hours of Tabatha’s Salon Takeover. By the way, I have to work all weekend.