New episode of The Joseph Richards Show

3 May 2012

The latest episode of The Joseph Richards Show is now available online!

In this last episode before summer holiday, Joey Cougar of Joey Cougar & The Starfish took over and shared some of the band’s songs.

Be sure to check out the episode today. It is my favorite one to date. It is also my favorite one to just fool around with on occasion with no pretense of commitment.

And if you like it, please share the show with your friends! You can even follow @JoeRichardsShow on Twitter for the latest news and updates.


Is Kim Jong-Ill?

22 August 2011

I am in a band called Joey Cougar & The Starfish. We formed in Salt Lake City, UT. We went on tour the summer I had a vasectomy.

Somehow our drummer, Kelly Styxxx, booked us this gig where we were headlining an open mic night. I am not sure people were pleased to see a headlining band during open mic. The guy prior to our performance looped his music and played a didgeridoo. He was a hippy and I wanted to throw a hard biscuit at his face.

For tonight’s post, please enjoy this brief video of us playing our song, “Is Kim Jong-Ill?” at Johnny’s on Second in Salt Lake City.

Am I convulsing with anger in this clip? You decide.