On thinner ice

18 February 2012: DC Exile Day 25

This Saturday begins with GF facing off against a giant ink blot. You may wonder why she is fighting against a blot of ink. I refrained from mentioning earlier (mainly for dramatic effect) that this giant blot of ink is evil and is trying to kill her.

At least, the blot is attempting to kill Mickey Mouse, whom she is guiding in our quest to beat the video game, Epic Mickey.

I cannot watch her at this moment because I have a difficult time not giving advice and not gasping at every jump, hit and near miss. She learned to use the Watch sketch to slow time and throw paint thinner down the Shadow Blot’s gullet. She is an expert. She will defeat the Shadow Blot. I promise you this.

When GF began her quest as Mickey, she was holding the controllers in a way that made the game more difficult than necessary and had issues with some RPG basics (like always always always talk to everyone on screen multiple times.) Now, at 1 a.m. she is fighting what we can only presume is one of the final bosses in Mickey’s quest to return back home. She has grown as a gamer and as a person from this experience and I feel honored to have gone on this journey with her.

[Update – 1:46 a.m.] GF continues to fight the Shadow Blot. She is now making strategic use of her guardians, time clocks and health pip restorations. She just remarked, “That’s ok. You got me, but I got you sucka!” There is no doubt in my mind that the Shadow Blot is going down before I go to bed.

[Update – 1:59 a.m.] GF defeated the Shadow Blot!