2016 Comedy Tour: Packing for Colorado

Here I am at 2200h MDT. I am listening to the BBC World Service. My partner packs her suitcase. The dog wanders around. He sniffs, knowing we are leaving him for a few days.

Tomorrow night, after work, we will drive to Colorado for the start of my first-ever comedy tour.

I have a list of segments, but I have no idea what I am going to say. I prefer to make things happen with the audience in the moment. “Community through comedy” is the rallying cry.

I have been incredibly moved by the support I have received. The donations through the GoFundMe page are overwhelming. Friends have been spreading the word in Fort Collins, CO and putting up flyers (Is it fliers? I never know and every time I look it up, I get more confused.).  My partner has done it all: helped create flyers/fliers, publicised on Facebook (which I still refuse to use), shared with friends, planned for video recording and helped me work out a set list.

I have no idea what will happen, but I know this is my dream, you are my friends and this is my life.

I hope to see you there.


Fake Dog Song

Hosting Improv open mic at Bad Ass Coffee in Salt Lake City, December 2015. I thought the show was over, but the audience convinced me to play a song.

Me: What song?

Audience: Some suggestions. [I paraphrase.]

Me: No.

Audience: Joey Cougar & The Starfish

Me: Yeah, the drummer is in the trunk.

Specific audience member: You have a fake dog in your trunk. [I did.]

Me: Ok. I can either explain that in a story or make up a song. What do you want?

Wise-ass audience member: Tell the story as a song.

This is the result.