Equality has not been achieved

15 August 2011

GF and I are watching the HBO documentary Gloria: In Her Own Words.

I don’t understand where we are in the US. Did progress stop? I don’t know. I really don’t have an answer. I do think we have, at least, hit a plateau in women’s equality. I think in many ways, as well, we are moving backward.

For example, how is abortion access still an issue? How can the ERA not exist in the US Constitution? How can so little funding go to day care and education?

The United States of America, as a whole, as a political entity denigrates and despises women. There is absolutely no evidence to the contrary.

Sometimes I hate being a man. I hate belonging to a group of misogynist fucks who are so afraid of everything that the solution is to undermine others.

“We’ve been much too law-abiding and too docile for too long.”