Equality has not been achieved

15 August 2011

GF and I are watching the HBO documentary Gloria: In Her Own Words.

I don’t understand where we are in the US. Did progress stop? I don’t know. I really don’t have an answer. I do think we have, at least, hit a plateau in women’s equality. I think in many ways, as well, we are moving backward.

For example, how is abortion access still an issue? How can the ERA not exist in the US Constitution? How can so little funding go to day care and education?

The United States of America, as a whole, as a political entity denigrates and despises women. There is absolutely no evidence to the contrary.

Sometimes I hate being a man. I hate belonging to a group of misogynist fucks who are so afraid of everything that the solution is to undermine others.

“We’ve been much too law-abiding and too docile for too long.”

Dis-credited argument

6 August 2011

I am reading a story detailing Standard & Poor’s downgrading the US credit rating from AAA to AA plus. I don’t claim to understand economics or credit ratings, but if I can use my amateur knowledge of batteries, I don’t really see the big deal. I think the AA battery is more useful and even seems to last longer (based on an entire lack of evidence on my part). So, the rating should be a good thing, right? I look forward to our country eventually having the rating of the mighty D, my second-favorite battery. What battery do you put in a flashlight (torch for our UK readers) when you want to go into an old cave by the river and read poetry until one of you commits suicide due to feeling trapped by the professional pressures of his paternal guardian? D, dammit!

The article regarding the credit rating reiterated the extreme opposition of Congressional Republicans toward even the discussion of increasing taxes.

As you can tell from my battery musings, I am far from genius. Which is why I am sure that it is my mere stupidity holding me back from seeing the brilliant rationale we, as humans in the US, have for not all (or at least tens of thousands of us) descending on the US Capitol in DC and demanding that each member of Congress:

A. Foregoes health and dental insurance until everyone in the US also has affordable access to the same quality of care.

B. Agrees to accept no more than $75,000/year as salary at least until ALL people living in the US are able to make a living wage.

C.  Lobbies for the Equal Rights Amendment, works to repeal the Defense of Marriage Act and Hyde Amendment and drafts and passes a bill requiring Congress be made up equally of male-identified and female-identified persons (which would include trans individuals).

I apologize for even sharing such a foolish notion. I know there are an incredible number of reasons we as humans in the US are not angrier with Congress, are not constantly out of our homes and on the streets demanding Congress stop fucking with us.

Pardon the delusions of a simpleton.