Quick Review Friday

27 April 2012

A semi-regular item on my Twitter feed is Quick Review Friday. It’s a terse way for me to promote what I like at the moment. In case you missed today’s reviews, here they are.

12:00 PM – Attention! It’s time for that semi-regular hit Friday classic, Quick Review Friday. This week covers rap, TV and college radio. #QuickReviewFriday

12:01 PM – .@KelleeMaize’s album Integration – Powerful. Honest. Strong. Life-affirming. Positive. Patriarchy bashing. #QuickReviewFriday

12:02 PM – You can find @KelleeMaize’s Integration album at http://bit.ly/Iusw0G And be sure to Like her on Facebook http://on.fb.me/JIFOx7

12:03 PM – I’ll have a longer review of @KelleeMaize’s album on my #CringinglyPersonal blog sometime next week. Now, on with #QuickReviewFriday

12:05 PM – Sci-fi show, @Weird_Girls – I don’t know much about it yet, but it looks like putting fun in a box. Then opening that box. #QuickReviewFriday

12:06 PM – You can learn more about the developing series and follow its progression here http://bit.ly/JE4d6e @Weird_Girls

12:07 PM – Time for our final #QuickReviewFriday piece for this week.

12:08 PM – Vastly knowledgeable & dry-humored host @higginsr brings great music & interviews to college radio on #BeautySuffers #QuickReviewFriday

12:09 PM – Sadly, #BeautySuffers only has two more episodes 5/2 & 5/16 from 4-6pm EDT Be sure to Like them on Facebook http://on.fb.me/Id0tpk

12:10 PM – That does it for this week’s #QuickReviewFriday Need more info on the reviews or have suggestions for future reviews? Just let me know.

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