The Pariah of Aquimon (on the kind-of-big screen)

21 October 2012

Earlier this year, I participated in the 72 Hour Script Fest. I had to write a seven-page screenplay for a short film in 72 hours. I had three criteria:

  • Setting – the forest
  • Genre – Sci-fi
  • Central thematic element – spilling coffee on oneself

In a basement in Ogden, UT, in the house of The Hippo’s parents, I brought forth The Pariah of Aquimon.

I submitted my script and ended up one of the 30 finalists. This meant, a team (or teams) would pick my script as their criteria for the 72 Hour Film Fest.

I learned during the competition that a group of three 17-year-olds and two 19-year-olds had picked my script and were filming their adaptation.

You can see the film, by Ashley Ellis Productions, here.




God isn’t that Boron

5 January 2012

Since departing from my Christian beliefs, I have been fascinated by the sometimes vitriolic and blustering debate between science and religion. Part of my fascination is simply the mental picture of God fighting Stephen Hawking, pastors fighting scientists and church-goers fighting students.

But I also appreciate that science enjoys disproving itself and has a seemingly inherent disdain of immutability.